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California Adventure Recalls 1,000 Workers

Disney has made an announcement that it is calling back 1,000 workers for a ticketed event the California Adventure Food Festival which will start up soon. This isn’t a new event at the park but usually under normal times it happens when the park is open to regular visitors. This event is is being called […]

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Downtown Disney Recalls 200 Workers

In light of the recent announcement by Governor Gavin Newsom to again allow outdoor dining in Orange County, The Disneyland Resort has announced its recalling 200 workers to work in Downtown Disney as well as the expanded section in California Adventures Buena Vista Street. Since December 6th when outdoor dining was banned only to go […]

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Outdoor Dining Back In Anaheim

The Regional Stay At Home order has been lifted and, with that means outdoor dining is now allowed again. The closure of the Disneyland Resort because of COVID has been a huge blow for Anaheim restaurants in the tourist corridor. The return of outdoor dining will help some restaurants, many of which have struggled especially […]

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