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Streetcar To Anaheim Resort District

The City Of Santa Ana council has proposed extending their under construction Streetcar to the Anaheim.

The controversial OC Streetcar at present has a four mile route which makes it too short to be a big game changer in Orange County transportation. Extending the service to the Anaheim resort area makes the service more useable for residents and, means tourist to Anaheim could use the service.

The proposal also includes a route addition to John Wayne airport which means tourists would be able to land at the airport and take the system to the Anaheim resort district.

The proposal is interesting but the current four mile route isn’t opening until 2022 and, any extensions would take years until they would open.

Anaheim has proposed things such as a monorail to get tourists around the city but such proposals have never come to fruition. Some kind of system that gets tourists around Anaheim other than the current Disney bus system would be a better solution for the city than the OC Streetcar which is nice but not really a game changer for the city.

The system could be its own light rail system that could connect to the OC Streetcar a monorail which doesn’t seem likely or even the underground system currently under construction in Las Vegas.

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