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Outdoor Dining Back In Anaheim

The Regional Stay At Home order has been lifted and, with that means outdoor dining is now allowed again. The closure of the Disneyland Resort because of COVID has been a huge blow for Anaheim restaurants in the tourist corridor.

The return of outdoor dining will help some restaurants, many of which have struggled especially since outdoor dining was stopped on December 6th of last year.

The Limited Stay At Home order has also been lifted which was the curfew from 10 pm to 5 am when everyone was supposed to be off the streets. Not that this was widely being enforced but it means restaurants can now stay open past 10 pm if they desire.

Some restaurants unfortunately won’t reopen but hopefully this is the last closure of outdoor dining and, things get better as the year goes on.

Picture: The picture is of the tomato soup and, cheese sandwich combo from Disneyland.

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