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Is Ruby’s Diner In Anaheim Closing?

The recent closing of Ruby’s Diners location on the Huntington Beach pier as well as a location in Oceanside people are wondering if the other locations are going to remain open.

A spokesperson for the company has said all locations that are open now will remain open which is good news for the legions of Ruby’s Diner fans who love the good burgers, fries and shakes.

The company started in 1982 in the original location on the Balboa pier and, now has numerous locations across Orange County.The restaurant chain also has locations outside Orange County such as the Citadel in Commerce in Carlsbad in San Diego County as well as at airports such as in Las Vegas.

It seems for the moment the future for Ruby’s is safe including at the Anaheim location on West Lincoln. All this about Ruby’s Diner is making me hungry i will have to visit one soon.

Anaheim Location:

1128 West Lincoln Av, Anaheim, CA 92805

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