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Disneyland Reopening Promo Video

Disney has released a promo video for the upcoming reopening of Disneyland reminding you why Disneyland is such a special place that we have been missing for too long. The park is reopening just to California residents, but the demand for tickets has been huge as you might have expected even though there is some complaints about the high price of the tickets.

Check out the video below which reminds you of some of the Disney moments you have missed during the pandemic but will soon be able to enjoy again.

Courtesy Disney Parks

Disneyland reopening is a big deal for the Anaheim economy even though its limited attendance and, only California residents allowed its a step towards getting back to normal for the tourist industry in the Anaheim area. Hopefully some time soon we will see again the crowds of people walking back and, forth from Harbor and Katella down to the Disneyland entrance.

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