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Are ART Buses Still Running With Disneyland Closed?

If you live in Anaheim or visit the city the ART buses are a familiar site many people call them the Disney buses because most are decorated with Disney characters and the routes often have Disney names.

The ART buses which stands for the Anaheim Resort Transportation generally run between the Disneyland resort area and, off in different directions in normal times bringing people from their hotels to the resort. Yes they do have lines that go to Knott’s Berry Farm as well as South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa but generally most of the lines are in Anaheim.

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Because of COVID the Disneyland and California Theme Parks are closed so i wondered if the ART buses were still operating. The ART buses are in fact still running but only with limited service on certain routes between mainly the hours of 9 am and 8 pm.

The service that is operating is for essential workers to still get around although i would think that most workers would use the local OCTA bus which is $2 a trip compared to ART buses which are $4 a trip but maybe there is some.

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