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Annual Passes No More At Disneyland And California Adventure

In what had been rumored for a while Disney has discontinued its annual passes for Disneyland and, its California Adventure theme parks. 

Both theme parks have been closed nearly a year because of the COVID-19 pandemic but when eventually the parks do reopen there will only be daily tickets for purchase no annual passes.

Disneyland Resort President Ken Potrock made the announcement in a long email sent to all annual pass holders including myself. If your annual pass extended in to days or months after the park closed you will be refunded for that portion.

When both theme parks reopen its likely to be at a reduced capacity because of the pandemic so Disney would prefer to sell tickets at the highest price possible instead of having the park filled with annual pass holders.

As a pure business decision it makes sense for Disney but the annual pass holders are not going to be happy about this decision. Annual pass holders are a huge part of the attendance for both theme parks because of the population located near the theme parks as opposed to Walt Disney World where most people are tourists who visit on their vacation.

I was a member of the Flex Pass introduced in 2019 that had few black out days but you did have to reserve your visits in advance. This worked fine with me as generally I would visit during the week when it was slower so days weren’t black out. The regular annual passes all varied in price up to the Signature Plus level which was $1,3999 and had no black out dates.

Disney is promising some kind of membership system down the road to replace the annual pass system, we will have to wait to see how that will work when the program is announced in the future.

I’m sure the backlash from annual pass holders will be there but with the theme parks closed and, limited attendance likely in the foreseeable future I cannot see Disney changing their mind.

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