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Paul Anstey – Owner & Editor Anaheim Insider & other blogs

I moved from England to Orange County in the mid eighties and been in this amazing place every since. Yes there is good and bad in Orange County like everywhere but one thing most people can agree on is the weather is amazing which makes it so much fun exploring.

I have spent most of my time in Orange County living in the cities of Huntington Beach as well as Costa Mesa and more recently Santa Ana. The city of Anaheim has always fascinated me its a huge tourist destination because of Disneyland and the California Adventure theme parks as well as the Anaheim Convention Center but its also such a vast multicultural city.

This blog/website whatever you want to call it will explore the city with news, reviews and information that will help the visitor or local alike.

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Some of my interests:

  • Travel in general
  • Blogging and writing
  • Train travel
  • Las Vegas
  • Video gaming